Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Untogether album review

If you like Postal Service, Ringo Deathstarr, and The Depreciation Guild, you’ll love Letting Up Despite Great Faults. I am familiar with Letting Up, but back when they were still pretty underground. Times have changed and this band has amped up their popularity.

They’re previous albums weren’t as “electronic” as their new album, Untogether, but it definitely fits with today’s theme of musical influences and tastes. Letting Up is not a band for hardcore, or punk rockers, despite having basic rock song structures and influences. If you’re looking for guitar shredding and drum pounding, this is not your band.

Letting Up has a very soft sound to them and their electronic influences play a major part in their overall sound. Classic of electronic music is the long drag of the synth keyboard. There is extensive vamping and subtle vocal harmony, which almost sounds muted or backgrounded to the instruments. However, this works in their favor because their instruments and vocals are almost in perfect harmony.

Their generic lyrics are seen throughout most of their songs, but Bulletproof Girl, Numbered Days and Postcard show much of what I mean in terms of lyrics, muted vocals and vamping, and high electronic influences. In contrast to songs like, On Your Mark, Vision, Take My Jacket, Pauline, and Scratch, which have more of a rock influence than an electronic one.

Most of their songs have a good “pick-me-up” feel to them, which makes them an everyday band to listen to. Their songs have a good balance between electronic and rock and rarely does one overpower the other. I personally feel that they have a good sound and they will continue to grow in popularity in the genre.

By Melissa Mendoza

I am a writer, an artist, a cook, and a young woman deeply rooted in and passionate about the environment. I am currently a student at FIU pursuing a BA in Journalism, a minor in Int'l Relations and certificates in Environmental Science and Agroecology.
When I am not writing or working on my many projects, I lead a simple life with my amazing boyfriend looking for new adventures and new stories to tell.

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