Matt Corby – Resolution EP review

The Resolution EP offers listeners a fresh taste of what is to come from Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby. It is a clear continuation of his previous work and simultaneously marks a new chapter in his career. The single (for which the EP is named) was released just before a sold-out national tour, giving a preview for a full-length record to be released. In the midst of Corby’s ascent to fame, the Resolution EP deserves to be digested.

At first glance, the EP seems a bit lacking in material, with four tracks clocking in at around the twenty minute mark. However, Resolution is filled with enough substance to make the collective mouth of Corby’s fans water in anticipation for the imminent full-length.

The Resolution EP begins with the title track and single, drawing in old fans and prospective ones with apparent ease. Corby’s guitar arpeggios fade in as his signature croon begins, singing of his “resolution,” a glimmer of hope in a bleak existential crossroads. Understated percussion accentuates the track, reverberating though the listener and lifting them up as Corby seems to have been lifted up.
Each subsequent track is a gem in its own rite, displaying a great variety in tone and mood throughout Corby’s creative process. Subtle touches of violin (Lay You Down) and piano (Evangelist) add to the guitar and vocal-focused tracks. Evangelist, an 8-minute near-epic, builds up from sparse instrumentation and soft cooing to a soaring refrain, then breaking down to a loose, primitive jam. Evangelist is impressive, but still exists in the shadow of the single. However, it leaves something for listeners to hold on to, giving depth to the EP and raising expectation for any material to follow. Resolution closes with an alternate take of the single, decidedly more somber and subdued. Both versions represent enormously redeeming qualities in Corby’s music: his ability to encapsulate the listener in both a driving, larger than life tune or a soft-spoken introspection.

Testifying also to Corby’s range as a musician is the difference in vocal styling on each track. For a split second, one may gather the impression that a different vocalist is featured on every track. While displaying Corby’s range (a quality to be taken into consideration) it does leave the Resolution EP feeling a bit choppy. However, for the purpose of previewing the forthcoming Matt Corby release, Resolution does just fine.

Matt Corby is well on his way to making a name for himself outside his native Australia, Resolution standing in as a milestone on his journey. Corby can truly claim ownership to a masterful execution of songwriting, and as such, is well on his way to a bright future.

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