The #Ohio Takeover Tour Date Sets Off for April! J. Rawls, Illogic and More Hit the Buckeye State with Spring Tour

The #Ohio Takeover Tour Sets Off for April! J. Rawls, Illogic and More Hit the Buckeye State with Spring Tour

Columbus, OH –- Ohio was once known as the epicenter of the national music scene. From recognizable names (Roger and Zapp, Bootsy Collins, Ohio Players), to the lesser-known legends (Heatwave, SUN, Slave), you couldn’t turn on a radio in the country without hearing Ohio’s influence in music and culture. Although the genre is one of Hip Hop’s greatest influences, the glory days of Ohio Funk have long passed. Fortunately, generations of Ohio artists are continuing the legacy proudly built decades ago.

On April 8, 2011, four of Ohio’s most respected artists will suit up and hit the highway for the two-week, nine-city Ohio Takeover Tour. Legendary DJ/producer J. Rawls and veteran emcee Illogic will be joined by Ill Poetic and L.e for the Uncool, each in support of freshly released albums and upcoming releases, as they bring many talents to their great state and a stop in Pittsburgh, PA as well.

On May 17, Columbus native J. Rawls will release his long-awaited album The Hip-Hop Affect, which features Hip Hop heavyweights Diamond D, Oh No, Casual and Sadat X. In support of this release, the Ohio Takeover Tour will showcase the BlackStar producer on his first official go-round through his home state of Ohio.

With six critically acclaimed albums under his belt, including two EPs with Rhymesayers artist Blueprint, Illogic is a veteran of the underground Hip Hop scene. After years of consistent coast-to-coast touring, Illogic narrows in this month to give the cities surrounding his Columbus home a thoughtful and unforgettable experience, blurring the lines between music and spoken word with energetic lyricism and introspective prose.

While seeing these two renowned acts together on tour for the first time ever would be enough to sell any ticket to a true fan, they have upped the ante by including two emerging Ohio artists who are making their presence felt on a national stage as well.

While his name may be new to some ears, producer/lyricist Ill Poetic has been building momentum as an artist to watch. The young songwriter returns to the tradition of the Ohio Funk sound as he prepares to let loose the first of a set of free EPs, entitled Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement.

Columbus artist L.e for the Uncool will round out the tour. After climbing quickly through the underground landscape, L.e splashed onto the national Hip Hop scene with his 2010 debut album The Measure, followed by noteworthy performances at 2011 SXSW in Texas and CMJ in New York. As he prepares for his follow-up The LxE.Ø.ƒ.?. EP. L.e will debut his witty, insightful lyricism on the tour.

“This tour represents nearly four sub-generations of Ohio Hip Hop artists coming together and sharing our sounds and influence with each other,” explains Ill Poetic. “We want to give the crowds across our state an amazing experience that reaches all the way back from the golden era of Ohio music, to the new renaissance our scene is beginning to rebuild.”

#Ohio Takeover Tour Dates
April 8 – Oxford, OH @ The Stadium (sans J. Rawls)
April 15 – Columbus, OH @ Skully’s (w/ Talib Kweli)
April 16 – Kent, OH @ The Outpost
April 17 – Pittsburgh, PA @ 720 Records (Afternoon in-store)
April 17 – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre
April 19 – Dayton, OH @ One Eyed Jacks
April 21 – Athens, OH @ Casa Cantina
April 22 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Drinkery
April 23 – Youngstown, OH @ The Lemon Grove Cafe

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