Dexys – One Day I’m Going To Soar album review

Dexys Running at Midnight, Soaring Some Day

I have friends that weren’t even born when Dexys’ last album was released. I myself was the tender age of 3, bopping along to Raffi and Fred Penner ( I was a cool kid). But most of us still know that familiar opening to Come On Eileen, its nonsensical bridge, the ridiculously twee music video, and the midnight sing-alongs that almost always accompany it.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ phoenicial rise a generation later is evident in the new album, One Day I’m Going To Soar. Kevin Rowland’s voice has all the richness of their pop past (I’m Always Going to Love You), all the syrupy smoothness of a lounge singer (Me), the tenderness and passion of Otis Redding (Now). The band covers a lot of ground track for track; it’s clear they have experimented with a few different styles and they’ve harvested the finest fruits of their labour for display. 11 tracks take you on a journey, while still retaining the English working class roots that the 80s kid will recognize. There are one or two tracks that don’t really gel with the rest of the album; they plod along (example: I’m Thinking of You) However, the sunny pop gem Free can more than make up for it. I hope the toddlers now are listening to even one of these songs 25 years from now.

It’s been a long time coming, but Dexys have taken the path of wines and whisky and improved with age. Let’s hope the cellar isn’t empty.

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