Afrobeta – Under The Streets review

Well, after sucking down the new Afrobeta album like a whiskey shot after a night of too much tequila I find myself sick and regretful. I will admit this, pseudo-electronic dance floor disco music is not my bag, but even this estranged genre is capable of pumping out better groups than Afrobeta.

The Miami Beach- based band show their roots in their party obsessed fake like an orange tan lyrics. It is hard for me to believe that people actually care about what Afrobeta sings about for example: “You wanna play house and make babies, you must be crazy what you thinking baby” or simply “Do You Party” sung repeatedly in the self-explanatory tune “Do you party” Afrobeta’s first full length album is filled with party tunes that seem to get worse consecutively, like falling further and further into a swamp I don’t belong in. “As Long As You Like It” stands out as the pickle in this crap sandwich which attempts political responsibility in between shallow ramblings.

Not only does the duo care about the core of vanity but have made it their objective as a band. However, I suppose they have a following in the world of dance floors, sunglasses indoors and falling drunk on the floor. Photos of Afrobeta prove the group is quite performance based-marinated in sequence and neon colours which only have a place on the stage because their currently ultra cool decided by American Apparel and Ray Ban advertisements.

Either I missing the irony and Afrobeta is truly genius or disco died along time ago and doesn’t wish to be resurrected.

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