Satellite Stories – Phrases To Break The Ice album review

It’s time to put your party hat(s?!) on because Satellite Stories demand nothing less in their fun-filled album Phrases To Break The Ice.

Singer-guitarist Esa, guitarist Marko, bassist Jyri and drummer Oli-Pekka formed in October 2008 in Oulu, Finland. Even if by 2010 these Scandinavian satellites had only a 3-tracked promo EP to their name, their SoundCloud demo plays boasted remarkable numbers and led them to be the most blogged about Finnish band of that year. They’ve also graced international crowds with their party-based indie-pop sound through European and Japanese touring. In August 2012, the quartet also added to their list of achievements top ranking status amongst’s most popular band list and the number one spot on We Are Hunted remix charts. The band has also had songs play in MTV’s Jersey Shore show.

Phrases To Break The Ice—released on September 21st, 2012 on XYZ Berlin Music—marks the band’s first full-length release. It encompasses all their previous single releases so that you may rest easy knowing you’re not missing a beat—literally. Their sound entails incredibly catchy, upbeat indie rock with a hint of electronic dance influence. Basically, you’ll be dancing and singing along and enjoying every minute of it. “Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro” channels new experiences and hopeful love while “Helsinki Art Scene” addresses self-realization and defying conventional scenes to the sound of an infectious guitar riff. “Mexico” and “Costa Del Sol ‘94” reflect the fearless youth-driven longing for escape to exotic locations, contrasting “Mt. Foreverest”—a gentle, acoustic reflection on life that figures as the album’s only slow track.

With its youthful approach, catchy choruses and energetic beats, Phrases To Break The Ice does just that, and quite irresistibly so. The sense of nostalgia mixed with the invincibility of youth give the album a pleasantly familiar feel.

An escape to unadulterated bliss you’ll long to make on a repeated basis.

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