I’m From Barcelona – Forever Today album review

Hailing from the country that brought us Abba, The Cardigans and Eagle-Eye Cherry, I’m From Barcelona is undoubtedly Sweden’s biggest band of all time. I am, of course, only referring to this pop ensemble’s exhaustive roster, which consists of no less than twenty-nine members. A mere pop-gimmick? Not so fast. I’m From Barcelona makes the best of it’s abundant membership, infusing orchestral and sing-along qualities to their otherwise familiar brand of indie, resulting in a contagious, euphoric, longing-for-the-playground sound that effortlessly wins the hearts of many listeners (while sending others running for the hills). Indeed, if we’ve learned anything from this band since their 2005 full-length debut Let Me Introduce My Friends, it’s that folks either really like them or really can’t stand them.

If you didn’t care for I’m From Barcelona’s previous two efforts, probably no use acquainting yourself with their April release Forever Today. Being said, this LP does not disappoint on it’s own terms, churning out a diverse bunch of upbeat, jolly-matic jingles at a smart pace. What’s more, Forever Today is the band’s grooviest effort yet, as ”Skipping a Beat” and first single ”Get in Line” capably demonstrate. Lead singer and songwriter Emanuel Lundgren deserves some credit too, for trying to create a more melodically nuanced album this time around; numbers like ”Game Is On” and ”Forever Today” indicate Lundgren is well aware of euphoria’s finiteness.

Ultimately, Forever Today is a worthy release if you’re looking for that breezy summer feel, far from the daily grind. I also view it as  I’m From Barcelona’s most complete effort yet. Taken for what it is, this album is bound to provide even the most cynical listeners with at least some enjoyment. OK, maybe that’s going a little far.

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